And putting on the royal hat
'Inform the boy, we won't have that!'
Then strolling through the gaping throng
'Cheer-oh' he said 'I shan't be long.'

So banished from his native land
Upon some distant foreign strand
As strange a sight as one could see
Live Jonathan and company
And on the island might be found
Performing each his daily round
Descendants of that tadpole far
That started in a pickle jar
The tiddler ‘s grandsons - quite a few -
The tortoise and the cockatoo
Three hundred mice, two thousand snails
(but scarcely any whales)
The gold-fish and the pair of coots
Homesick for James' father's boots
But not a young rhinoceros
Nor yet a hippopotamus
Because that Uncle in the East
Not caring in the very least
Forgot the things, and what is more
Has not returned the two and four.
  But John, which is the nicest thing
Is happy now, so is the King
'A zoo' said he, 'Inside a flat!
I told the boy, we can't have that.'

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