Lesley Gordon

Pamela Primrose Penelope James
Possessed such a pleasing assortment of names
That when she woke up in the morning she'd say
'Now what shall I tell them to call me today?'

On Monday and Wednesday's, in bonnet of blue
While taking the air and admiring the view
She'd say to the nursemaid in charge of her pram
"Matilda, you'll kind address me as 'Pam'."

On Tuesdays and Fridays, attractively dressed
Entirely in yellow (her third or fourth best)
She looked in those garmants so neat and so trim
She was known to her friends and relations as 'Prim'.

Thursdays and Saturdays found her again
Parading the Park in the sun - or the rain
But the only remarks she would venture (if any)
Were to those who politely addressed her as 'Penny'.

When Sunday came, bringing the week to a close
On 'Pam', 'Prim', and 'Penny' she turned up her nose
And would only reply to the elegant names
Of 'Pamela Primrose Penelope James'.'

The end