Lesley Gordon

  Priscilla Price was dark and wild
A harum-scarum tomboy child
(On second thoughts though, I suspect
That tom-girl would be more correct)
Priscilla's daily occupation
Defying laws of gravitation
Was trying to make both ends meet
Clearly a most ambitious feat

Each morning with abandoned squeals
She'd roll from bed head over heels
And bursting with joie-de-vivre invite
Her elders to a pillow fight
When Miss Dumayne from number three
Arrived one afternoon for tea
That lady was reduced to fits
To see Priscilla do the splits
“I hardly think' said Miss Dumayne
When back at number three again
“I hardly think that Mrs Praice can be
I hesitate to say it - naice.
Unfortunate” said Miss Dumayne
“I think we will not go again”
Then round she went to Mrs Slade
Taking some home-made marmalade
And mentioned on parting at the gate
“I hardly think those Praices quaite -”
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