Lesley Gordon

Before 'Childen's Hour' begins
For singles, triplets and for twins
Before that hour (You mean three quarters)
For eager listeners' sons and daughters
I'm asked to give an S.O.S.
You're sure you'd like to hear it?
( Chorus of Aunts and Uncles... 'Yes!' )
Missed from her home in Kensington
Is proud Patricia Parkinson
At half-past eight on June the third
  She disappeared without a word
And though Patricia's nursemaid Jane
Thinks she has fallen down a drain
And though Patricia's nursemaid might
Be proved in time to be quite right
Further enquiries must be made
‘Stolen or Otherwise Mislaid'
'One child, Patricia Parkinson
Of Queens Gate Gardens, Kensington
Distinguishing marks or features, none
Resembles more a currant bun
Than almost anybody could
Blue eyes, whose team-work is not good
Nose tilted at forty-five degrees
And noticeably knobby knees
And that is almost all that one can
Say of Patsy Parkinson
But should you find her, send her back
To London, care of 'Uncle Mac.'
And doubtless now you long to hear
Of Patsy Parkinson's career
What caused this signal of distress?
You'd like to hear her story?
( Chorus of Aunts and Uncles... 'Yes!'
Patricia was an only child
And at her birth the fates had smiled
Her infant mouth, too young to croon
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