Oh, very well, WASHINGTON, you may get down." And never since then did our hero look back. He opened his mouth and he ceased to be slack; his vowels were a pleasure, his consonants joy, oh, never was heard a more well-spoken boy!

And WASHINGTON JUPP, though that isn't his name, by diligent practice won fortune and fame, for he's now the announcer, the one you like best, at the Midland—or is it the Regional West ? Depressions from Iceland are much less depressing announced in his accents so firm yet caressing, and even Stock Prices seem rather less fat, and all—except farmers—are grateful for that. And though WASHINGTON'S progress was painful and slow, it only, I think you'll agree, goes to show, what Industry, spelt with a capital " I," can do for a person—

—and gooseberry pie!

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