Marriott Edgar

Illustrations by
John Hassall

MARRIOTT EDGAR (1880-1951)

Born George Marriot Edgar in Kirkcudbright, Scotland, Edgar was a poet, scriptwriter and comedian best known for writing many of the monologues performed by Stanley Holloway, particularly the 'Albert Ramsbottom' series.

George was five years younger than his famous, elder paternal half-brother, Edgar Wallace. He was a talented performer, poet and writer in his own right, and excelled once he had joined up with Holloway. They went to Hollywood at the start of the 1930s, Edgar having dropped his first name for his "professional" appellation of Marriott Edgar.

When Marriott Edgar wrote his most famous The Lion & Albert monologue, he named the lion Wallace in what is now generally recognised to be a fraternal in-joke nod to his brother.

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