new words by
Max Boyce
to the T. Texas Tyler original

  During the latter part of last season, a bunch of students had been on a long sponsored walk. They arrived in a little town called Ystrad.
The next day being Tuesday, some of the boys went training. A Welsh Rugby Union coach commanded the boys in training, and after he had outlined various scrummaging techniques, he told them to take out their Welsh Rugby Union handbook.
Those of the boys who had Welsh Rugby Union handbooks, took them out. But one boy had only a Deck of Cards, and so he spread them out.
The coach saw the cards and said 'Boy, put away those cards!'
After the training session was over the boy was taken away, and taken in front of the Welsh Rugby Union.
And Bill Clement said, 'Why have, you brought this boy here?'
'For playing cards in a training session, sir.'
`And what have you to say for yourself, son?'
`Much, sir!'
And Bill Clement said 'I hope so. For if you haven't I will punish you more severely than any boy was ever punished.'
The boy said, 'Sir, I have been away in college for six months and had with me neither Welsh Rugby Union handbook or my Ray Williams coaching leaflets!
'But I hope to satisfy you, sir, with the purity of my
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