And the bearers were refs. with alsations
Dark glasses, white sticks and tin cans.

We sang at the graveside, the old funeral hymns
And we all went to comfort his son
What made him sad, he said, was his Dad
Had died, not knowing we'd won.

I couldn't sleep for most of that night
I kept thinking of what he had said
Dad had died... not knowing we'd won
So I dressed when I got out of bed.

And I walked again to that hillside
To that last resting place on the hill
It was all quiet, save... when I leaned over the grave
And I shouted, 'WE 'AMMERED THEM, WILL!'

And that story is told in the valleys
And I've told it as best as I can
The legend of William McGonegal Morgan
And of his Incredible Plan.

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