Mike Harding

  I don't want to sound
Silly, dear God
But I been thinkin' very hard
'Cos my teacher said
You made all the world
And even bits of our back yard,
But l want to know, do you get dressed up
On a Sunday and go walking out
In itchy clothes and squeaky shoes,
An' if you gerrum mucked up,
Does the Holy Ghost shout?
Give you a clout?

I don't want to sound
Daft, dear God,
But I been thinkin' quite a lot
Ever since I pinched
A penny chew
From the counter at the corner shop.
My teacher said that pinchers go to hell
An' if that's true then I'm sure
If I'd known then I were going down there
I'd a pinched a bloomin' sight more than a penny chew
I would 'ave 'ad two, or nine, or a few.

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