W. Montague Everitt
On Sam's uniform when he goes on parade
A luv'ly bright Medal you'll see:
The manner he won it's for all time preserved
In Archives of Fire History.

In Watchroom one night he was sitting alone,
The time was a-quarter-to-eight,
And nobody else was in Station because
November-the-Fifth was the date.

The other young lads were at play in the yard
With Fireworks the C.O. had sent;
Small wonder, with Rockets and Wizzbangs and Squibs,
That none heard Alarm when it went.

And Sam—he was always a kind-hearted chap...
Was loath to intrude in their games
So, getting out Pump, he set off on his own
To place where he saw there were flames.

The fire, it appeared, was in garden at back;
A seven foot wall stretched around
So, remembering how he'd got stuck once before.
Sam decided to squirt from the ground.

He started up Pump to the cheers of the crowd
Then, much to delight of them all,
He squirted his water in beautiful spray
Right up into air, over wall.

The flames kept on leaping up higher and higher
And higher and higher and higher,
So Sam kept oil squirting and squirting and squirting
And squirting and squirting on fire.

He drained the mains dry and then set about Thames,
He sucked it right out of its bed:
Then, much to delight of afore-mentioned crowd,
One sizzle... and fire went out dead.

When once he was sure that the fire was put out,
Sam finally conquered his fears
And, taking a ladder, he climbed over wall... 
And fell on three children in tears.

The fire it appeared (as no doubt you have guessed)
Was Bonfire they'd built on the sly;
And perched on the top, looking horrible wet,
Was ruddy great figure of Guy.

Maybe it seems strange Sam got Medal for that? 
One slight explanation I'll make... 
That Guy, it turned out, was a certain D.O. 
What got shoved on to fire by mistake.
The end