W. Montague Everitt
If you look at Sam's leg, you will see there a Bruise
As black and as blue as can be.
You're probably wondering how it got there:
You'll know if you listen to me.

Each night, when he goes up the stairs to his bed.
Sam stops just before he jumps in;
He stands up like this and then, raising his boot,
He kicks himself one on the shin,

Well, that explains Bruise, but you're puzzled, I see.
You want to know why and what for :
He does it because he's annoyed with himself...
He's reason an' all - to be sure.

It all came about when he joined Brigade ;
In Overalls, Sam he felt swell:
He liked look of Hoses and Ladders and Pump...
But most he liked look of Brass Bell.

A Luverly Bell that was polished and smooth,
Reflecting his face like a glass :
He stood there in awe just as though in a trance...
He did look a silly young ass.

The thought of it played on his mind from then on;
He couldn't forget the darn'd thing.
He knew he would never be same man again
Until he had give it a ring. 

He'd look at it always with love in his eyes; 
He'd stroke it all gentle and mild;. 
He swore that it knew him and like to be fussed... 
He loved that there Bell like a child. 

He went off his food as men do when in love, 
Both fretting and pining it seems. 
He thought about Bell through the whole of the day 
And, night-time, it haunted his dreams.

Now Sam... he were always a one for the girls,
But somehow it didn't seem right
To take one girl out for a supper and show
Then dream of another at night.

Then, one night at Station, Instructor said, "Sam,
"Let's pretend that we're answering Call:
"You'll be Number One so you'll sit up at front...
"Hold tight to the rail or you'll fall."

So Sam sat up front and, oh gee, it felt grand
As all round the courtyard they tore.
They slipped off Escape and then shipped it again,
Then slipped it and shipped it once more.

Then all round the courtyard they tore once again
With Sam sat up front holding tight:
They went tearing round till they ran out of juice
Then all packed off home for the night.

And that is tho reason that Sam kicks himself; 
And that explains Bruise that he's got. 
That night when pretending to go to a fire, 
He never rung Bell - he forgot!
The end