Auxiliary Sam On His Annual - W. Montague Everitt


W. Montague Everitt

  You've heard about Sam's rare adventures
Since first that he joined Brigade;
Well, now I will tell of his Annual—
Twelve days with full salary paid.
At six-forty-five one May morning
Sam woke at a Station near here
And said to himself, " It's me Annual!"
Then let forth a rip-snorting cheer.
He done up his blankets in bundle,
Hung his tin-hat in the hll,
Left his address in the Watchroom—
And wrote a rude word on the wall.
He sent off his suit to the cleaners
And, once that his wages he'd drawn,
He made his way round to his Uncle's
And got his pyjamas from pawn.
Then off to the Railway he hurried
And, gee, it was grand to be free
And, with Missus the Kid and the Baggage,
He set out ' en route ' for the Sea.
While Sam led the way to the platform,
Mrs. Sam took up her stand
With Dear Little Sammy beside her
With Bucket-and-Spade in his hand.
Eventually train started moving
And Sam and his Wife exchanged smiles
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