At Dear Little Sam munching Bullseyes—
Ten Bullseyes to every two miles.
But Little Sam, sat there amunching,
Went suddenly green in the face
And, leaning his head out of window,
He brought up the facts of the case.
A Porter who'd seen what had happened,
With face that was stoically bland.
Proceeded to cover confusion
With Bucket-and-Spade—and some Sand.
The journey at last was concluded
And maybe it's needless to say
That Little Lad's glad to leave carriage
For Nature will have her own way.
They had a cab up from the station
And Mrs. Sam nearly dropt dead
When Sam rode stood up 'long of driver—
He always did that so he said.
They pulled up in due course at ' Seaview '
(A mile-and-a-half from the shore)
In window stood large Aspidistra
And Landlady stood at the door.
The taximan got down the baggage
In manner both burley and brisk
And, not having tuppence to tip him,
Sam gave him Identity Disc.
  Then Sam trundled in with the baggage ;
Behind trundled Mrs. Sam and
Little Sam trundled in rearguard
With Bucket-and-Spade in his hand.
The Landlady asked for her money
And said, though you can't go by looks,
She wished they'd left Sammy behind 'em
But hoped that they'd brought Ration Books.
Then, feeling somewhat ' hors-de-combat'
(The journey had made them all tired)
They scoffed up the fish-and-chips offered,
Climbed up the stairs and retired.
But, lying in bed without trousers,
Sam found he could not get to sleep
Till, lastly, in sheer desperation,
He started to count Jumping Sheep.
But each Little Sheep as it jumpeth
A Sandbag became on the spot
Till hundreds of thousands of Sandbags
Were driving poor Sam off his dot.
When Mrs. Sam woke in the morning
She stretched out her arms in a yawn,
And found there was nothing beside her—
Her Husband, her Sam, he were gone.
She searched high and low for her husband
(She even looked under the bed)
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