But Sam is determined as ever :
Instructor, he feels that way too.
While one D.O.'s red in his anger
The other is turning pale blue.
Then up came the C.O. himself, lads,
With acorns all over his hat ;
He swore he'd have Sam on the carpet
For leaving Instructor on mat,

Believe it or not as you will, lads.
Instructor is there to this day;
Of course, he's got shoved into corner.
T'otherwise he's about where he lay.
A Barman looks after Instructor;
He feeds him and keeps him quite clean...
Well, he's got nothing else to attend to
Since they shut up the ruddy canteen.

They're thinking of moving Fire Station
'Course Chief thinks it bit of a bore
To have to step over Instructor
Each time he goes out of the door.
Now, if you will do me a favour,
You'll not spread this story around
For, such disobeying of orders,
Instructors can't take-lying down.
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