Norman Long

  Nearly everybody's got a motor car today,
No matter what it is, it's quite the best of all, they say.
Well you can keep your 'Austin Cowley' and your 'Essex Six'
Believe me, they're not in it with my little box of tricks.

It's an Austin Seven, a little baby Austin,
The cutest little car upon the road.
You can drive it anywhere, you ought to see it camber,
Upstairs, downstairs... in my lady's chamber.

It matters not at all if it is a trifle small,
Believe me boy, it's in.
If you want to give the wife a ride without all her relations,
You'll never beat an Austin Seven.

The other day I went out driving in a shower of rain,
That's a thing, believe me, I shall never do again.
We skidded in a gutter and got washed down a drain,
In my little Austin Seven.

The house I live in hasn't got a garage and once more,
I don't intend to build one 'cos' it's a waste of time, I'm sure.
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