Norman Long
Now this is the tale of the years that have went
Just how many years doesn't matter a cent
But in the quiet lanes stand a Lady and Gent...
'Twas a time when there were such things.

He stood with his walking stick poking the dirt
She stood touching nettles to see if they hurt
He wore a grey, tall hat and she wore a skirt...
'Twas a time when they wore such things.

They were silent awhile and then he said to she
Miss Tabitha... will you a wife to me be?
She blushed for she wanted to scratch her left knee...
'Twas a time when they hid such things.

A short pause ensued... a way pauses had
The maid dropped the nettles and stroked her hair back
Saying, 'Really Sir, you must speak to my Dad...'
'Twas a time when they did such things.

'So be it!' said he with a wave of his stick
And walked to the mansion of ivy-clad brick
A weatherproof house with the walls tall and thick...
'Twas a time when thay made such things.

The father roared, 'What sir...? my daughter you'd beg!'
His rage scared the house-dog and the cat shook a leg
And the hen ran away from a lovely fresh egg...
'Twas a time when they laid such things.

The wrath of the parents so frightened the lad
That he fled down the road to an inn, feeling sad
There he rested and two pints of strong ale he had...
'Twas a time when they sold such things.

He arose as 'ten' struck, from the church on the hill
And the landlord stopped counting the coins in his till
And called, 'Don't depart... stay as long as you will.'...
'Twas a time folk were told such things.

Meanwhile Mistress Tabitha hied to her lair
Took up her harp and sat down at a chair
And soon rose a tune full of musical air...
'Twas a time when they played such things.

And at midnight she stole from her house, in her cloak
And soon joined her lover beneath the broad oak
He kissed her and told her a merry new joke...
'Twas a time when they made such things.

In town they arrived with loves special a-spark
And there 'neath a tree on a night that was dark
On a seat they embraced in a great London park...
'Twas a time when they dared such things.

Then the day came that saw them in bridal array
At the altar they stood in a church old and grey
He promised to cherish and she... ha ha ha!!! to obey.... 
'Twas a time when they sweared such things.

And you've just heard the tale of my grandparents gay
He's turned ninety four... she's ninety today
He plays golf, she rides pillion... feet stuck out each way...
'Tis the time when they do such things.
The end