Norman Long

  Now this is the tale of the years that have went
Just how many years doesn't matter a cent
But in the quiet lanes stand a Lady and Gent...
'Twas a time when there were such things.

He stood with his walking stick poking the dirt
She stood touching nettles to see if they hurt
He wore a grey, tall hat and she wore a skirt...
'Twas a time when they wore such things.

They were silent awhile and then he said to she
Miss Tabitha... will you a wife to me be?
She blushed for she wanted to scratch her left knee...
'Twas a time when they hid such things.

A short pause ensued... a way pauses had
The maid dropped the nettles and stroked her hair back
Saying, 'Really Sir, you must speak to my Dad...'
'Twas a time when they did such things.

'So be it!' said he with a wave of his stick
And walked to the mansion of ivy-clad brick
A weatherproof house with the walls tall and thick...
'Twas a time when thay made such things.
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