And in case of a sudden 'tsunami',
Wore a rubber ring, shaped like a duck.

Now the first day of these radical changes,
The man from the Safety Brigade,
Decided to pay them a visit,
To check all the changes were made.

'E wore earplugs and goggles and a big yellow 'elmet,
With a bright, flashing light on the top.
And the words on the back of 'is bright yellow jacket
Read, 'Handle with Care... This Way Up.'

'E walked up an' dahn with 'is clipboard,
Checkin' ev'rything on the shop floor,
Then 'e paused for a moment to write on 'is pad,
In front of a big, yellow door.

It were just at this moment that Albert appeared,
Tryin' 'ard not to have a collision.
But 'is 'at and 'is goggles and 'is big plastic earmuffs,
Made him deaf and restricted 'is vision.

The safety inspector was in the same boat,
'E'd no idea Albert was comin',
'Til the very last second... he looked up an' screamed,
But by then... it were too late for runnin'.
  With unerring skill, Albert swung 'is truck round,
To deposit 'is load on the floor...
And totally deaf to the screams from behind...
'E wallpapered the bloke to the door.

Next morning, owld Albert were summoned upstairs,
And by 'eck, he were torn off a strip.
For scrapin' the bloke off the bright yellow door...
And hiding 'is bits in the skip.

The manager screamed, "Well... you've done it this time,
What on Earth did you think you were doin'?
Dumping a corpse in the big yellow skip...?

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