Paul Wilkinson

  Owld Sam were in bit o' a 'urry
By 'eck!... and 'e didn't 'alf cuss,
'E'd been playin' 'crib', for a penny a point
And didn't 'ave ha'penny for bus.

"Inspection tomorrow... " sarge told 'em,
"So back 'ere... no later than nine
And there's two tonne of 'taters for stragglers
So make sure you're back 'ere on time!"

Well, Sam fairly flew across cobbles,
'Twere already a quarter past eight,
When he heard a familiar voice holler,
"Ere!... 'ang on there, Sam, me owld mate!"

'E turned to find George, King of England,
In a carriage and 'orse... wi' 'is wife.
"Look... I can't stop to natter," Sam muttered
"Else I'm peeling potatoes for life!"

"Aye, we know all about t' inspection...
It's us what's inspectin', owld mate,
'Ere jump up in carriage beside us...
And we'll drop you off, outside t'gate."
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