Paul Wilkinson
Lion and Albert
         Little, blue-eyed Rose Sinclair,
Stood quietly by the barber's chair
While Mr. Fairclough trimmed the hair
Of Rose's father, sitting there.

And as she stood, she slowly ate
A bar of creamy choco-late
Her favourite milky 'Twinkle' bar
Bought earlier, by dear Papa.

'Don't stand so close' the barber frowned
As clippings tumbled all around
'Cos' standing there, the chances are
You'll get hairs on your chocolate bar!'

But little Rose, a shy young child
Just snuggled up to Pa and smiled
So Mr. Fairclough, in dismay
Continued cutting anyway.

And when he finished father's head
He turned to little Rose and said
'Have you got hairs on your 'Twinkle' then?'
'Not yet...', said Rose, 'I'm only ten!!!'
The end