The freshwater shrimp, Anaspides, lives in high mountain streams (above 300 meters) on the island of Tasmania. It belongs to a group of crustaceans known as Syncarids. It feeds upon algae from rocks on the bottoms of streams, or may capture insects that fall onto the surface of the water. It turns on its back to capture them. Fossils of almost identical creatures occur in the Permian and Carboniferous rocks of Europe and North America, 215-350 million years old, by conventional dating!

The shades of night were falling fast,
As through a Mountain Village passed,
A youth who wobbled from the hips,
A valiant cry upon his lips
' Anaspides!'

His face was gaunt, his eyes were set
His fevered brow was fringed with sweat,
But as he pushed through dale and glen
This word was muttered o'er again
' Anaspides!'

His pace grew slack, his feet like lead
dragged behind him sore and red.
Through forests tall and mountains bleak,
His voice still mumbled faint and weak
' Anaspides!'

He struggled on, his head went round,
Till last he stumbled to the ground,
And lying there beside a creek,
He let forth one tremendous shriek
' Anaspides!'

For swimming round in twos and threes,
Were shrimps with ancient pedigrees,
And then his voice to song gave vent,
Exulting to his heart content
' Anaspides!'

Then springing up with life anew,
He filled his boots and trousers too.
And as he stuffed the last one in,
He chuckled with a cheerful grin
' Anaspides!'

At last he reached the Museum door,
The crowds were gathered by the score,
A tear rolled from his starboard eye,
When to a man he heard them cry
' Anaspides!'

The drums rolled out, the trumpets blared,
They really had our hero scared.
For when they asked the youth to speak
The crowd heard just one tiny squeak
' Anaspides!'

Then praising this inspiring feat,
The Mayor asked what he'd had to eat,
His grip on life was failing fast:
He answered as he breathed his last
' Anaspides!'
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