Paul Gerard Smith

It seems things were reaching a crisis,
A cabinet meeting was called.
Prime Minister rapped with 'is gavel,
"You will please come to order," 'e bawled.

"It is nice to be calm-like and placid,
And pretend the 'ole thing is a bore,
And, though it's a bit of a bother,
We must keep our minds on the war.

'We must get rid of every distraction,
We must banish all things that disturb,
And to start the ball rolling I'd like to suggest
That we get rid of Pinwinkle's 'Erb.

"As you know, young 'Erbert Pinwinkle
And national crises don't rhyme.
It's either the war or young 'Erbert!
We must face them one at a time!

"Now that, gentlemen, is the question.
That's what we're gathered 'ere for:
We've got to get rid of old Pinwinkle's son,
Or else we must call off the war."

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