Then they made 'im drink plenty of water
And filled up 'is pockets with steel,
And, to be doubly sure, they got both 'is shoes
And pried off the thick rubber 'eel.

"Ere's the place for a picnic," said Father,
As 'e set the lunch down on the ground
In the shade of a tall sort of skeleton tower
With a 'igh 'eavy fence all around.

With a wink Father whispered to Mother,
"See the signboard: "High Voltage - Keep Out."
Mother felt of the fence, and she said with a sigh,
"'It's a shame that the wire is so stout."

Father picked up an orange and tossed it;
"'Ere, catch that young 'Erbert," 'e cried.
But instead of it landing in young 'Erbert's 'ands
It went over the fence, and inside.

"Go on, fetch it," said Father to 'Erbert.
"Up-over you go... now that's fine."
Mother reached for the teapot and said, `ere you are!'
Pa said, "Two lumps of sugar in mine."
Now 'Erbert inside the enclosure
Found the orange without much ado,
Then 'is eye spied a bright shiny 'andle,
And 'e thought, 'I'll take that along, too."

So boylike 'e reached out and grabbed it,
For a moment excitement was tense.
Father said, as 'e saw 'Erbert lashing about,
'I 'ope 'e don't ruin the fence."

There were flashes of lightning and thunder,
And crackling noises were 'eard;
Something gave way, Erbert flew through the air,
And lit at their feet like a bird.

"See, 'is face is all purple," said Mother,
Said Father, "Now Ma, no remarks."
But Ma said, `E looks odd without eyebrows,
And 'is nostrils is giving off sparks."

They wrapped 'Erbert up in the blanket,
And 'urried 'im 'ome right away.
Pa said, 'Well, at least there's one comfort,
We'll 'ave no more insurance to pay."
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