But when they untangled the blanket,
And rolled 'Erbert out from beneath,
'E was 'appy and gay, and bright as a jay,
And was lighting cigars on 'is teeth.

In despair Father said, "Look 'ere, Mother,
I thought 'e were dead, but 'e's not!"
Mother reached out 'er 'and, touched 'is 'ead, and then shrieked
"'Eeh! I must say, 'e's terribly 'ot."

Well, old Pinwinkle was disappointed,
But 'e wasn't the one to be beat.
'E said, "Look, Mother, I've got a gradely idea,
We'll use 'im for power and 'eat."

So they rented 'Erb out to the neighbors
At one shilling per kilowatt hour,
Some used 'im for vacuum cleaning,
Some used 'im for light... some for power.
'E'd a gap in 'is front teeth, 'ad 'Erbert,
And by shoving a plug in between,
You could make buttered toast, or fry up an egg,
Or run a large washing machine.

By sticking a plug in 'is nostril,
'E'd keep ice boxes cold as a tomb,
And by sticking a light bulb most any old place
'E'd light up a conference room.

Well the Pinwinkles both was delighted,
The money was coming in fast.
Then one day it 'appened, Pa said with a sigh,
"I knew it was too good to last."

A movie star came to the village
To pose for the Cinema News
They wanted 'er picture with 'Erbert's
She Kissed 'im... and blew out 'is fuse.
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