Paul Gerard Smith

  You've heard of young 'Erbert Pinwinkle
Who was taken by parents to zoo,
Where 'e pulled off the tail of the lion,
A thing that no good boy would do.

And Mr. and Mrs. Pinwinkle
Were summonsed and made to Pay fine,
Because of their son's misbehavior
It amounted to fourteen pounds nine.

When they got 'ome, Pinwinkle was fuming
And it made 'im no better to 'ear
That the mayor's son, same age as 'Erbert,
'Ad been kidnapped. Said Father: "It's clear...

"Some people are born to be lucky
And others... well, just look at us!
They might just as well 'ave took 'Erbert,
And we wouldn't 'ave made all this fuss."
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