Paul Gerard Smith

  The Cubs was all girded for battle,
The Yankees 'ad fire in their eye,
The World's Series stood at three victories each,
In other words, it was a tie.

While thousands of fans 'oo 'ad gathered
Filled the air with a terrible roar,
A boy and a man in a box near third base
Looked puzzled and wondered what for?

The man's name was Mr. Pinwinkle,
The boy was young 'Erbert, 'is son.
'Twas the first game of baseball young 'Erbert 'ad seen,
And to 'Erbert it wasn't much fun.

A friend 'ad presented Pinwinkle
With a pair of box seats to the game
And so 'e 'ad taken young 'Erbert,
And now they were sorry they came.

When, in practise, a man named DiMaggio
'It the ball over the fence
The crowd stamped and 'ollered and whistled and screamed
But to 'Erbert it didn't make sense.
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