"Is it something like cricket?" said 'Erbie
'Is father replied, "Not at all,
And it isn't a bit like backgammon."
Then somebody shouted "Play ball!"

For nine innings all was excitement,
For nine innings nobody scored,
For nine innings everyone else there went mad,
But for nine innings 'Erbert was bored.

Then suddenly there was an earsplitting cheer
As one of the Cubs got on base,
And Pinwinkle said, "These Americans, son,
Are a 'ighly emotional race."

The next man up bunted, neat sacrifice,
And when the excitement was done
One man was on second and one man was out
And a single would bring in a run.

Then 'Erbie began to take notice
Of a chap 'oo was sitting be'ind
'E was jumping and letting out 'orrible sounds
As though 'e'd gone out of 'is mind.
  Then taking advantage of one lucid lull,
Young 'Erb touched the man on the knee,
"You're becoming a bit of a nuisance, my man,
Now what's all the bother?" said 'e.

The man glared at 'Erb..."How would you feel,
If you found yourself in my shoes?
I win ten thousand bucks if the Cubs win the game
And I go on the dole if they lose.

"And that chump on second, 'e's glued to the bag
And, that is what's making me sore,
I'd give two thousand dollars if he would steal third
Where a fly would permit him to score!'

Now to young 'Erbert's ears this was nothing but Greek,
It all sounded slightly absurd;
But two thousand dollars! For that goodly sum
'E'd steal anything!... let alone third.

So 'e turned to the man and 'e said "Point it out."
"Point out what?" was, the other's reply.
"This third you want stolen," said 'Erb with a wink,
"Point it out and I'll give it a try."
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