There'd be games and community singing
And all of it free as the skies
To be followed by one minute's silence
In honor of 'Erbert's demise.

When arrangements were all consummated
'E 'urried back 'ome in a sweat
And inquired of 'is wife, "Is it over?"
But she only answered, "Not yet!"

In the kitchen they waited impatient
For the doctor to bring the good news
"Stop walking," said Mother to Father
"Sit down or you'lI wear out your shoes."

"I'm too nervous to sit," answered Father
"This waiting around isn't fun
We're paying this doctor for service
Let's go up and see what 'e's done."

So up they tiptoed to the bedroom
And quietly opened the door
To find their young 'Erbie was laughing with glee
And the doctor was pacing the floor.

'E stopped in 'is tracks when they entered
And shouted, "Now look what you've done."
And they saw that 'is face was all full of red dots
The same as young 'Erbie, their son.

"'Erb's give 'im the measles," said Mother,
"It's too bad they both 'ave to die."
Father stretched out 'is 'and to the doctor
And said, "We are grateful... good bye."

"Don't be silly," the poor doctor shouted
"Who ever saw measles like these?
That fool son of yours has a dog in the bed
That is well populated with fleas."

'E won't die," said the doc, "but I'll suffer
If I get my 'ands on a switch
I come 'ere to do you a kindness
And now I end up with the itch!'

Well the Pinwinkles was disappointed
'Twas a 'eartbreaking blow, no mistake
To 'ave to call back invitations
They 'ad sent out to young 'Erbert's wake.

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