So with 'is bit of shoestring and 'is willow twig and pin
Sam got the boat afloat, and 'eld 'is pants and scrambled in
'E fished till 'e got itchy and 'is legs began to squirm
And then 'e made another wish... "I wish I 'ad a worm."

Again Sam's prayer was answered, a sparrow over'eard,
And you know English sparrows are a patriotic bird;
'E wos taking 'ome a worm for lunch, but 'earing Sam's command
'E said, "For King and Country," and 'e dropped it in Sam's 'and.

Sam baited up 'is trouser pin and started in to wish,
And then 'e made another wish: "I wish I 'ad a fish."
But this time 'twas no use, although 'e fished from morn till night
And wished and fished and fished and wished, 'e never got a bite.

And by and by 'e went to sleep, and by and by 'e woke
For 'e'd 'eard somebody speaking, and 'e knew 'e 'adn't spoke;
And looking up 'e saw some men... and then the tallest one
Stepped up and said, "Good evening, friend, my name's George Washington."

"We'd like to cross the river, there are Hessians over there,
And we'd like to sneak up on them, sort of take them unaware;
Per'aps you'd let us rent your boat for half an hour or so,
It's really quite important." Sam just looked and answered, "No."

"Come, come, my man," said Washington, "We've got to get across,
Or what might be a victory will be a total loss.
If you'll do this for us we'll give you anything you wish."
Sam merely looked at them and said, "I wish I 'ad a fish."

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