"And you shall 'ave your wish, my man," George Washington replied,
"You're fishing where there are no fish, they're on the other side.
And if you'll take us over there, I promise you, my lad,
You shortly will be surfeited with 'alibut and shad."

"Okay! 'op in!" said Samuel Small, and manfully 'e rowed
'Is muscles bulged, for seven men is quite an 'eavy load.
One man sang Yankee Doodle, and one baited Sam Small's hook,
And Washington stood in the bow to 'ave 'is picture took.

And when they reached the other side, George Washington got out
With all 'is men and Sam just sat and caught a dozen trout.
There was a bit of shooting, and Sam thought it rather queer
When 'e 'eard five 'undred 'essians singing, "I surrender, dear."
  Then Washington returned to Sam and gave 'im a salute
And as Sam wos a sojer, 'e stood up and followed suit,
Then Sam Small felt a draft, and looking down, to his chagrin
'E saw that there wos nothink where 'is trousers should 'ave been.

And Washington said, "Never mind, just be informal, Sam,
You've really saved America, and grateful as I am,
I must repay with gratitude this noble deed you've done.
Just mention anything you wish, and you shall 'ave it, son."

Sam scratched 'is 'ead and pondered, and 'e seemed to 'esitate
"Come, come," said Washington. "Make up your mind, it's getting late."
And Sam Small said to Washington with an embarrassed glance,
"All I want, George, is a button... just a button for my pants."
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