Paul Gerard Smith
  You've 'eard that lovely poem of the Ancient Mariner,
The yarn 'e told the wedding guest created quite a stir;
But I've a yarn to spin about a sojer of renown
That makes the Ancient Mariner go 'way back and sit down.

The day the Mayflower sailed away a crowd was at the pier
To kiss their relatives goodbye and wish them all good cheer.
'Twas a lovely celebration with a big brass band and all ,
And a squad of British sojers... one of them was Samuel Small.

'E'd come to see 'is coosin off; 'e'd brought some fruit and stuff
And a little box of Mothersills in case the trip was rough;
'E went to 'is coosin's cabin and they 'ad a bit of ale
And the coosin promised Sam that 'e would write 'im without fail.
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