Paul Gerard Smith
  When Pilgrims journeyed over 'ere to seek religious freedom,
Our friend Sam Small came to the pier to cheer 'em and God-speed 'em,
And, carried off with sentiment, 'e 'ad a little nip,
Next thing 'e knew Sam Small was being carried off by ship.

When Mayflower docked at Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims went ashore,
Poor Sam was so befoodled that 'e didn't know what for,
'E wanted to go 'ome again, the Pilgrims muttered, "Nay,
We've coom 'ere for a purpose, 'ere we are and 'ere we stay."

The Pilgrims was an 'oly bunch; they knelt and said a prayer,
And Sam stood round and looked at them and wished 'e wasn't there.
For prayers was one of fifty-thousand things 'e didn't know,
All 'e could think to say was "Eenie Meenie Minie Mo."
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