One day while in 'is garden, young John Alden came to call
'E said, "I've got an errand, and I need your 'elp, Sam Small.
Miles Standish wants to marry and Priscilla's 'oo 'e chose
'E ain't got the nerve to ask 'er, so 'e sent me to propose."

Sam looked at John and asked 'im, "Wot's that got to do with me?"
John 'ung 'is 'ead a moment, then 'e said, "Well, Sam, you see
I 'aven't got the nerve myself... so would you step inside
And ask Priscilla if she'd care to be Miles Standish' bride?"

Sam thought it over and replied, "I'll do the best I can,
Priscilla's getting giddy, and she ought to 'ave a man.
She annoys me while I'm gardening, a 'usband wouldn't 'urt.
'Ere...'old the 'ose a moment, and be careful where you squirt."

Sam went in to Priscilla and 'e said, "Now look 'ere, Priss,
It's 'igh time you wos married, and the situation's this:
John Alden's standing right outside, the 'ole thing's quite outlandish,
For John asked me if I'd ask you if you would marry Standish."

Priscilla blushed a lovely blush and said, "What can I do?
Miles Standish sends John Alden and John slips the buck to you.
I want a man with courage, that's the kind of girl I am
Why don't you..." and she cleared 'er throat, "speak for yourself, friend Sam?"

Well, Sam was rather startled, and , 'e said, "You mean that you
Would like to marry up with me?" Priscilla said "I do."
Then Sam replied, "Priscilla, dear, I cannot tell a lie
There is a girl I left be'ind at Cheltenham-on-Rye.

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