But Sam didn't mind, there 'e wos at the Bowl
There wos still 'alf a game left to play
And band left the field, and the players ran on
And Sam wos excited and gay.

Then a 'and touched 'is shoulder and somebody said
"Could I see your ticket again?"
Sam produced it. The man said, "I'm sorry, old chap
You're across in two 'undred and ten."

So Sam staggered out through the tunnel once more
To where 'e 'ad been told to go
A young man took 'is stub, called another young man
'Oo looked at the stub and said "Oh!"

They sent 'im around to the end zone, and then
'E wos sent to the twenty yard line
Where a man took 'is ticket and said, "Over there,
Section seven, Box B, Tunnel Nine."

That night about midnight, the crowd wos all gone
And the watchman wos closing the Bowl
'E saw somethink odd on the fifty yard line
And 'e muttered, "Why, Lord bless my soul!"
'E crept toward the figure, 'is gun in 'is 'and
In case 'e should try to resist
And there wos Sam Small spinning round like a top
With 'is ticket stub clutched in 'is fist.

'Oo are you?" said the watchman. Sam came to a stop
And 'e said, "Samuel Small is my name
And I'd like to know... 'oo won the game?"
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