Paul Gerard Smith
  Cornwallis 'ad surrendered, the war 'ad reached an end
And freedom's bell 'ad rung its silvery note.
The British army sailed for 'ome, all but a rare good friend;
As usual, Sam Small 'ad missed the boat.

Sam wandered hither- thither, and 'e went from to to fro
And from fro 'e went to 'ither, then to yon;
'E wos a footloose sojer and 'ad nothink on 'is mind,
In fact, 'e 'ad no mind to 'ave it on.

'E wandered out of Yorktown, when 'e put aside 'is gun
And by and by 'e came to Valley Forge
Where 'e ran across a gatepost, with a sign, "George Washington."
So 'e stopped and 'ad a cup of tea with George.

But George was rather busy being president, you see,
And making laws for all 'is fellow men.
Sam felt that 'e was in the way, and thanked George for the tea
Put on 'is 'at and 'it the road again.

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