Paul Gerard Smith

  No doubt you've 'eard me tell about my sojer friend, Sam Small
Who wouldn't pick 'is musket up when sargent let it fall,
Until the Duke of Wellington said, "Sam, pick up thy gun!"
And Sam replied, "Aye Duke, I will... For thee 'tis gladly done."

But 'ave I ever told you of 'ow Sam came over 'ere,
And 'ow 'e got acquainted with a chap called Paul Revere?
It seems there'd been an argument about a bit of tea
Some chaps dressed up like Indians 'ad dumped it in the sea.

And when the news of this event was told to George the Third
'E shifted on 'is throne a bit, and said an ugly word.
"'Tis mutiny," 'e muttered, "and the situation's grave.
We'll 'ave to send some troops across to make those lads be'ave."

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