'E took a coin and flipped it, tails was left and 'eads was right.
The coin fell in a puddle. when 'e found it, it was night.
Imagine 'is predicament; 'twould touch an 'eart of stone:
The Army gone, Sam stood there... in the darkness-all alone.

It were quickly getting chilly, so Sam started through the dark.
Away off in the distance 'e beheld a tiny spark.
'E passed a clump of bushes; 'e did not intend to stop
When suddenly, to 'is chagrin, 'e felt 'is shoestring pop.

What could 'e do? 'E sat right down to fix it up, of course;
Of a sudden 'e was startled by the whinny of an 'orse.
'E jumped up quick and saw an 'andsome stranger standing near.
"Oo's that?" 'e cried. The stranger said, "My name is Paul Revere.

"Judging from your costume you're a stranger 'ereabout,
And, pardon my inquiring, does your mother know you're out?"
"I'm a British sojer," Sam replied, "I've some'ow lost my way.
I sat to fix my shoestring, and the Army marched away.

"They're on their way to Lexington." "You don't say," answered Paul.
"And do they come by land or sea?" "By land," said Samuel Small.
"I'd like to get to Lexington to meet them if I can.
The Sargent will be angry... 'e's a bitter little man.

"I'll tell you what," said Paul Revere, "I'll gladly lend an "and.
You're sure that they don't come by sea?" Sam said, "They come by land."
"My 'orse can carry two," said Paul. "Just 'op up 'ere be'ind.
I'll take you up to Lexington." Said Sam, "You're very kind."

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