And so they rode to Lexington. Paul stopped at every door
And Sam got off and 'eld 'is 'orse till 'e came back once more.
"The British are approaching," people shouted loud and clear.
"Aren't they 'ospitable?" said Sam. "They are," said Paul Revere.

And when they got to Lexington the feeling there was tense.
A man was back of every tree and back of every fence.
Sam saw 'is Army coming, and 'e waved at them-and then
'E 'eard some shots... the Army turned and marched away again.

When this news reached 'is Majesty 'e wasn't pleased at all.
'E said, "I want a word or two with Private Samuel Small."
And when Sam stood before 'im, 'e said, "Sam, what's this I 'ear?
You're sent to fight for Britain and you fight for Paul Revere."
Sam stood there very dignified and cleared 'is throat and spoke:
"The 'ole thing wouldn't 'appen if me shoestring 'adn't broke.
It's hard upon a sojer, and there isn't any use
To try to win a battle when your shoe keeps working loose."

"There's something, Sam, in what you say," 'is Majesty replied.
"It's difficult to concentrate when shoestrings come untied.
We've lost a lot of battles that we can't afford to lose;
'Ereafter we fight barefoot... or we'll all wear button shoes."



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