If you think an egg is vacant, Samuel's 'ead was twice as bare
And there is no fun in scalping when there isn't any 'air.
So, sadly they untied 'im and with 'earts bowed down with grief
They decided that the thing to do wos take 'im to their chief.

And when Sam Small appeared before the great Chief Powhattan
'E grunted and 'e said, "'Oo is this funny little man?
There ain't no use in roasting 'im; 'E's bony as a shad.
'E 'asn't got much meat on 'im, and what 'e 'as looks bad.

"I don't like to keep 'im captive, for we 'ave no food to spare,
And still we can't go scalping 'im: 'e 'asn't any 'air.
If 'e is going to stay with us, 'e's got to earn 'is keep."
'E turned to Sam: "What can you do outside of eat and sleep?"

Sam said, "Well, Chief, I'd much prefer to let the matter drop,
But if I must I must. The one thing I can do is chop."
'E seized an axe and with one blow 'e felled a mighty pine;
The Chief yelled, "Duck! Look out below!" and then to Sam said, "Fine!"

And from that very moment, our friend Sam Small began
To devote 'is chopping talents to the Big Chief Powhattan.
"'E's rather good on shrubs and trees," the big Chief proudly said,
"I think 'e's about ready to lop off a captive's 'ead."

'E searched around the captive cage, and came back from there with
A man 'oo wore a long black beard and called 'imself John Smith.
And then 'e found a tree stump and put John's 'ead on top
And turned to Sam and, indicating John Smith's neck, said, "Chop!"

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