Sam raised 'is axe obedient, but just before it fell
'E 'eard a loud commotion and a 'igh pitched female yell.
'E looked in that direction and be'eld a dusky maid
'Oo wos dressed quite cool and fetching in a little wisp of braid.

The big Chief wos annoyed. 'E said, "Now, Pocahontas, please
Go 'way before I spank you where you should wear BVD's.
This butting into my affairs 'as really got to stop."
'E turned to Sam and indicating John Smith's neck said, "Chop!"

One second she wos standing there, the next one she wos gone.
She ran up to the tree stump and she said, "Move over, Johnl"
Then turning to 'er father, she said, "Now look 'ere, Pop,
I love John Smith and 'e loves me. Now go a'ead and chop."
  Now here was a dilemma. There was nothink to be done.
Sam knew the a axe 'e 'ad was only big enough for one.
Besides Miss Pocahontas was a million miles from plain,
And to chop 'er into portions went a bit against the grain.

So Sam put down 'is axe and said, "Now, listen, Powhattan,
If you want to chop up ladies, get yourself another man.
Oh, fie upon you Chief. Is this the sporting thing to do?
Is it cricket? Is it kosher? And your only daughter, too!"

Well, Powhattan just 'ung 'is 'ead and said, "You're right, friend Sam,
You don't know 'ow you've touched me, nor yet 'ow ashamed I am.
But John Smith is a captive. And 'e must be punished some
And 'e's flirted with my daughter, and convinced 'er, too... the bum."
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