Said the Hindu, "My man, the whole Army is gone,
It's been fighting a war for two years."
Said Sam, "Very well, cheerio, carry on,
I'll walk till the Sergeant appears."

So Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam started to and fro again
Left foot right foot, sojers must obey
Boots, boots, boots, boots, steady 'ere we go again
Marching up and down upon the road to Mandalay.

And after the war when the treaty was signed
And the Army returned to the East,
It appeared that Sam's Sergeant 'ad been left be'ind,
For a Sergeant's no good when deceased.

And the others found Sam with 'is musket in 'and
And a faraway gleam in 'is eye
Walking forward and back in a track in the sand,
And of course they inquired of 'im, "Why?"

"Sergeant told me to do this," Sam sadly replied,
"And 'e's 'oo I take orders from."
" 'E'd be back," said the others, "if 'e 'adn't died,
But 'e's dead; we're afraid 'e can't come."

"Very well," answered Sam, "I've been gravely deceived,
I can't stand 'ere talking all day
Sergeant told me to walk 'ere till I was relieved
I'm a sojer, and sojers obey."

They sent for the Captain and Major as well
They sent for the General too,
But Sam merely snorted and said, "Go to Hell,
I'm not taking orders from you.

"The Sergeant said walk until 'e sent relief
Till 'e comes I'm not going to stir."
So the General told the Commander in Chief,
And 'e told the Prime Minister.

The Minister pleaded, his eyes filled with tears,
Sam said, "I am sorry, old thing,
I intend to remain till the Sergeant appears."
So the Minister sent for the King.

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