"Well, Sam," said 'is Majesty, "Wot's this I've 'eard?
What is this pedestrian stuff?
You've been marching for years; come Sam, don't be absurd,
Don't you think that enough is enough?"

Then Sam said, "Your Majesty, you'll understand,
I'm a Briton, I'm funny that way,
I am walking my post at my Sergeant's command
I'm a sojer, and sojers obey."

The King shrugged 'is shoulders and whispered, "Amen!
You've got a long walk, I'm afraid,
If you wait for your Sergeant to show up again.
But that's 'ow we British are made."

So Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam started to and fro again,
Left foot right foot there 'e is today,
Foot, foot, foot, foot, sloggin' over India
Waiting for 'is Sergeant on the road to Mandalay.

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