Peter Bamford

  The emperor Trajan in one seventeen
As the bloke to succeed nominates
Publius Aelius Hadrianus,
Or 'Adie as known to 'is mates.

Well Hadrian as 'is mam knew 'im
'Ad aversion to t'flies an' to th'heat,
So he give up wi' Mesopotamia
An' come north, it were more up 'is street.

He didn't think much o' t'Germaniums
Or t'Gauls in what's now known as France,
But once he set foot in Britannica
I s'pect it were love at fost glance.

He stayed for a bit in Londinium,
But 'e soon got to feelin' downcast,
He remembered that rough lot th'iceni
An' t'bother they'd give 'im in t'past.

He set off up north wi' 'is army
An' they soon felt a lot more at ease
Wi' t'greenness o' lancashires 'illsides
An' th'aroma o' fresh mushy peas.
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