Nepos soon got to Bowness on Solway,
He'd reckoned t'best place t'begin
"I'll be usin' this twine to mark a straight line
An' you, George, can 'ommer t'sticks in!"

It took 'em a bit but they med it
Pitchin'up outside Wallsend on Tyne.
Which were lucky cos George only 'ad two sticks left
An' Nepos just six foot o' twine.

Soon as t'location were sorted,
An' construction abaht to begin.
Emperor 'adie popped up to t'site
Insertin' 'is two penn'orth in.

In addition to t'wall Adie wanted
Some forts and milecastles as well.
Wi' a double earth mound called a Vellum
As insurance, case parts o' t'wall fell.

Nepos said, "I will get thi wall finished,
On t'date that the emperor craves.
An' he sent out a legion o' sowjers
To round up some Geordies for slaves.
  When complete the magnificent 'adrians wall
Stood 20 foot high end to end.
On t'whitewashed side stood dear old England,
On t'other side t'Scots were all penned.

Adies wall were a sign of oppression,
An' attacks on its fabric soon made,
Not by Picts, but by Blackpoo' landladies,
Cos o' t'damage it did to their trade!

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