Peter Bamford

  King Charles sat on t'throne one day ponderin',
The year were sixteen-forty two.
When Archbishop Laud popped his 'ead round the door
sayin' "Charlie, d'ya fancy a brew?"

"Something stronger perhaps", answered Charlie,
"and be sharp, we've got things to discuss.
I've arrested five members o' Commons,
And t'others are mekkin' a fuss!"

"I'd get out o' town for a bit" advised Laud,
"up Nottingham, I'll pack a bag.
You have a few pals in that neck o' t'woods,
they'll back us when raisin' thi flag!"

So that were the start of the conflict,
an' fogettin' all thoughts o' goodwill,
Charles set of in a cavalier fashion
for a feight at a spot called Edgehill.

To call it a battle were over the top.
The thing were a bit of a bore.
They shot a few arrers called a few names,
And decided to call it a draw.
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