Earl o' Essex were worried o'er losin'
And decided to bring in some muscle.
So he signed "Solemn League" an' got Scots on his side.
They were always dead keen on a tussle!

Marston Moor were the venue for next round o' t'cup,
But this time Charlie's crew had bin sussed?
You couldn't see owt but a royal defeat,
and you couldn't see t'generals for dust.

The MP for Huntingdon, Cromwell,
told of plans for 'is "new model army".
Essex said "it's no time to be lakin' wi' toys"
Ollie looked at 'im like he were barmy.

"My new model army will win us this war!"
boasted Ollie, an' nobody doubted.
So at Naseby, it didn't come as a surprise,
when t'main royal army were routed.

Prince Rupert were gutted that t'roundheads 'ad won,
they were better he 'ad to agree.
"If that Cromwell chap puts in a transfer request,
I'm sure Charlie would cough up the fee?"
  As 'is armies were all but demolished,
And he'd called th'Uxbridge talks to an 'alt.
King Charles took 'issel up to Scotland,
to fish an' to sample some malt.

He give up t'Scots, but were 'anded,
To t'members o' par-li-a-ment.
He agreed to 'and over control o' "the church"
and give up t'milita for lent.

Th'army turned up and they seized t'poor chap,
who were geddin fed up wi' all th'assle,
but before they presented t'proposals to 'im ,
he'd legged it to Carisbrooke castle.

Well Cromwell were vexed at not getting' 'is way
and fumed that king Charlie 'ad fled.
Commons said that all parley were cut off wi' Charles,
an' next time they'd cut off 'is 'ead.

"Again there will be civil war" said Montrose,
"your ducking and diving is through!"
"I'll agree that I can't avoid war "muttered Charles,
"but I don't call it civil, do you?"
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