So at Preston t'Scots an' t'royalists,
to Cromwell's new army did fall.
Ollie leaned o'er to Fairfax sayin' "while we're up 'ere,
see if t'snookers still on at t'guild'all?"

Now th'army demanded trial o' t'king,
But t'commons resisted th'urge.
'Til colonel Tom Pride cobbed a few on 'em out,
in what became known as the "purge".

Well t'few that were left were entitled "the Rump",
and decided that t'king would be tried.
He were towd he'd be treated quite fairly,
but he knew it were all cut an' dried.

He went up 'fore th'igh court o' justice,
An' t'charges were eagerly read,
after eight days of evidence, Charlie were towd,
he'd be sayin' goodbye to 'is 'ead!

Two days later in front of 'is banquetin' 'ouse,
he were taken out, an' ex-e-cut-ed.
Lots o' folk started skrikin' at Charlie's demise,
but Cromwell were reported, "quite suited!"
  That were th'end o' t'line for poor Charlie o' course,
an' the monarchy too, for a spell.
Soon Cromwell were off on 'is travels again,
o'er to Ireland, rebellions to quell.

Charles the second were crowned up in Scotland
an' 'is royalist forces did gather.
But when he met Cromwell at Worcester,
he got his arse kicked like 'is father.

The vict'ry ay Worcester were Oliver's last
an' it tasted, he said "sweet as nectar."
So the rump was dissolved an' they set Ollie up
as the Commonwealths 'ead, "Lord Protector."

Though Cromwell deposed a tyrannical king,
he were never t'bees knees wi' all t'punters?
So since Restoration, British 'ave 'ad,
aversion to "Military Juntas!"

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