"I believe she is to be Lizzie" said More.
'Enry sighed muth'rin' how "Life int'fair."

'Enry now 'ad a couple o' dewters,
Wi' no sign o' the lad that he pined.
So he called in a bloke name o' Cromwell,
To dig up all t'dirt he could find.

Well, he weren't a nice chap this 'ere Cromwell,
But as deep an' as 'ard as he delved.
He couldn't find owt he could pin on Boleyn,
So the 'eadsmans plans 'ad to be shelved.

But 'Enry were getting' frustrated,
With his failure to sire a boy pup.
An' wi' Cromwell's pre-var-ifi-cations,
So he said "If tha's nowt, mek it up!"

so poor Anne Boleyn she were summoned,
An' t'charges were duly read out,
By that fawce little Cromwell, she 'ad bin accused,
Of both'rin' an' messin' about.

"I've 'eard all o' t'charges" King 'Enry said,
An' all o' them scandalous facts."
"You'll be chucked into t'tower, to teach you respect,
An' 'ow to part 'air wi' an axe.
  A nasty an' 'orrible fate for Boleyn,
Wi' 'Lizabeth just six month owd.
'Is majesty schemin' to bring Seymour in,
'Fore Anne Boleyn's throne 'ad gone cowd.

This choppin' an' changin' at 'Enerys whim,
Were getting' poor Thomas More down,
But as 'ard as he tried, 'is scowls sadly looked
More like, constipation than frown.

'Enry saw that owd More 'ad bin tekkin the 'ump.
"Don't judge me YOUR King, sir prithee.
I'll find you a readin' room o'er into t'tower,
You can tek your "Utopia" wi' thee."

Jane Seymour were 'Enerys 'at trick,
Third missus in twenty odd year
And when in due course she delivered a son,
'Ollered 'enry, "This calls for some beer!"

King 'Enry were suited wi' 'avin' an 'eir,
But as Ed. were a bit of a waif,
He smiled at Jane Seymour an' strokin' 'er 'and said,
"Could do wi' one more to be safe?"

Not long after t'birth o' Prince Edward her son,
Lady Seymour took poorly an' deed.
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