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By squinting at my photo reference through half closed eyes, I reduce the detail but can see the shadow shapes that make up the face. Remember, this is not going to be a line drawing... this portrait is made up of shapes blended together. All my initial tones are now blocked in, I've reserved the reflected tones on the ear, jawbone and neck by lifting out with the eraser, I don't want to lose them because they help to shape the face.


I've started to get quite bold with my tones recently, even since drawing this particular subject. The more pencil layers I apply and blend, the more depth I add with that extra contrast in tones... So build up those dark tones as dark as possible. I've lightly blended the hairline into the face to indicate shadow and prevent that detached 'toupee' look.


The tones are almost established now and using the large eraser, I've lifted out some of the lighter areas on the cheekbones, the brow and the chin. I've also dragged out a few highlights in the hair using the sharp edge of a wedge shaped rubber to indicate growth direction, I'll build up the impression of hair over these.

Well, I think that's just about it, I'll leave it propped up on my desk for a few days, then each time I pass I'll maybe alter, add or erase something... or maybe I won't. With a little more time it could be refined to almost photographic quality.
Okay...? Wasn't difficult was it...? Now you do it, go to the Bookstore and buy the book that taught me how to draw these portraits. If I can do it, then so can anybody... it's a simple technique, when you know how and remember... the more you practice, the more talented you'll become!!!
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