Ernest Longstaffe (1927)
Yesterday, I went into the flower shop and I ask-a the man, 
'How mooch you want for-a one red-a rose in da window?' 
The flower-a man, he look-a and he say, 'Two-a shilling each.' 
Then I say, 'I canna pay-a so mooch, mak' a leetle cheap.' 
The flower-a man he say, 'No cheaper — they're two-a shilling each.' 
I go outside and look-a in da window at the nice-a red-a rose, 
And pretty soon a young-a lady come (a beautiful young-a lady) 
And she say-a, 'Oh the pretty red-a rose — How mooch?' 
The flower-a man he smile and say-a, 'Six-a pence each.' 
The lady she buy-a one-a red-a rose, and she go away. 
I go-a once-a more to da flower-man, I say, 'Scusa me — Signor, 
How mooch you want for one-a red-a rose in da window?' 
The flower-a-man, he say, 'I tell you before, they're two-a shilling each.' 
I say, 'Mak' a little cheaper of me Signor, mak' a leetle cheap?' 
The flower-a man he say, 'No cheaper — two-a shilling each.
What-a for you want-a red-a red-a rose?' 
I say, 'I tell-a you what for I want-a the red-a red-a rose.
I had a leetle girl-a once, and she was just like-a dis (so high)
And because she look-a like dis-a flower, we call-a her 'Rosa'.
We were so happy together — me, da mamma and-a da leetle Rosa. 
But one day-a da mamma she die. Signor.
I bury her quite away in da country 
and-a leetle Rosa and-a me were left alone.
How I love-a that child. She was such a sweet leetle-a child
And every night when I come-a home from da work 
I go da hill-a top. And I say-a, 'Hello Rosa' 
And she say-a from da window up-a high, 'Hello Papa' 
And-a every night Signor, I go that-a way.
But one night just-a like-a always I say, 'Hello Rosa.' 
But there was no 'Hello Papa.'
She was-a no-a there Signor — she was dead. 
I bury my leetle Rosa by da mamma
And I have been all alone. 
Signor, I just-a want-a red-a red-a rose
To put on da grave of my leetle-a Rosa. 
That is all — Signor that is all.
Scusa me. Signor to take-a so mooch of your time. 
Scusa me, Signor, what you say?
The whole bunch-a for nothing? 
The whole bunch-a for me for nothing?
Thank-a you (Gratzia) Thank-a you (Gratzia) Signor, thank-a you.' 
The end