Robb Wilton
I've been out of work now for, ooh... let me see,
Our Willy'll be fourteen and Maggie's what?... three.
I've been out of work now for... ooh, more than that
Why I 'aven't worked for... 'ow old is this 'at?
Ooh, it must be... it can't be... it will be and yet...
Have I ever worked? Well I'm dashed... I forget!

I know that the wife works, just to keep things together
Oh, I've seen 'er go out in all sorts of weather.
I've seen 'er turn out in the snow and the rain
An' I've seen me go out... and come in again.
They say men must work and women must weep,
Aah!... but not when a woman's got a husband to keep.
The end